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Shipping & Returns, etc.

Shipping Policy

Shipping charges will follow prices at the Post Office, and they will be kept as low as possible.

There shall be FREE SHIPPING coupons available from time to time, as honestly, I hate paying for shipping myself. But since I can't fly my broom to you- too much paperwork- right now shipping is what we have. If you live in Las Vegas, ask about local pickup!

Return & Exchange Policy

There are no straight returns. However, if there is a problem, we will work to make it right.

Exchanges are accepted, and if you have something damaged in shipping, we will work even harder to make you HAPPY as that's just so disappointing.

No matter the reason, we are happy to answer questions regarding purchases or anything else. Thank you for being you.


Things break. Most of these pieces are delicate and should be cared for. You should love them and wear them and use them, but just be conscious of the item. Not for sleeping, swimming, or showers. Watch for the ends of wire- they can be sharp and jostled loose. a drop of clear nail polish can help. Most of the WIRE is copper core and tarnish resistant. Stainless steel can be used on request. THANK YOU!!

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