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Honor darker deities with the Dark Goddess Altar Cloth, exclusive to Inked Goddess Creations. The Dark Goddess Altar Cloth was designed by Morgan, owner of Inked Goddess Creations, with many symbols of various dark goddesses found in different belief paths, including keys, skulls, ravens, snakes, moths, lanterns, and more. It was designed to honor the Dark Goddess in whatever form she takes in your life. The Dark Goddess urges us to dig down inside ourselves to bring our shadows to light. She also teaches us the importance of protection, self-care, and strength in life and in magick. Her lessons are not always kind, but they are definitely lessons we need to learn, and when we come out on the other side from working with her, we are stronger than ever. The Dark Goddess is known by many names- Baba Yaga, Cailleach, Cerridwen, Hecate, Hel, Kali, Lilith, Morrigan, Persephone, Sekhmet, and more! This altar cloth is exclusive to Inked Goddess Creations! Each order is for 1 cloth.

Dark Goddess Altar Cloth

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