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Add the fiery energy and information of Beltane to your Eclectic Witch Card Deck with the Beltane Expansion Pack, exclusive to Inked Goddess Creations. This is the original Beltane deck from 2020. If you already have a Beltane deck, it is this deck. Returns and refunds are not accepted if you order this deck and already purchased one last year. This informational deck of cards is researched and designed by Inked Goddess Creations with magickal knowledge that all pertains to Beltane. This expansion pack contains 9 cards: Beltane Goddesses of Beltane Gods of Beltane Beltane Herbs Beltane Gemstones Beltane Oils Animals of Beltane Fairy Magick Kitchen Witchery for Beltane You can keep this deck near your altar for reference when you are performing spells or rituals, or paste the cards into your book of shadows as you create your own pages. This deck is professionally printed in full color, with a soft-touch coating on them for a truly unique, elegant, witchy informational deck. Each order is for 1 Beltane Eclectic Witch Card Deck. Deck measures approximately 2.75" wide by 4.75" tall, and is exclusive to Inked Goddess Creations. These are an expansion pack for the original Eclectic Witch Card Deck, found here.

Beltane Expansion Pack for the Eclectic Witch Card Deck (2020 Original Deck)

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Please allow a possible extra 2-4 weeks on preordered items.
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