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Prepare your altar to bring passionate, abundant energy into your life with the Beltane Altar Cloth, exclusive to Inked Goddess Creations. Beltane (May 1st) marks the time of the Wheel of the Year where the Goddess and the God come together as one in a fertility ceremony to bless the land, the crops, and the continuation of life. Beltane is the perfect time for fertility, abundance, new beginnings, garden, and sex magick spells and rituals. This set can help add fire and positive energy to those endeavors. This altar cloth is exclusive to Inked Goddess Creations! ~Beltane Altar Cloth, 12" square, designed by Morgan, owner of Inked Goddess Creations, depicting fiery, fairy energy of Beltane, complete with a passionate couple hiding in the fire's smoke!

Beltane Altar Cloth for Fiery Spring Magick

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Please allow a possible extra 2-4 weeks on preordered items.
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