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Prepare your altar with more manifestational energy with the As Above, So Below Altar Cloth, exclusive to Inked Goddess Creations. "As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without" is a well-known phrase to many studying the ways of the witch or the pagan path. It guides those who seek understanding of the balance between the different realms of existence, reflecting that which we do on earth can be mirrored in another plane. It also holds meaning for magickal energy- your intentions from within can manifest without. This altar cloth is exclusive to Inked Goddess Creations! ~As Above, So Below Altar Cloth is 12" square, designed by Morgan, owner of Inked Goddess Creations. It depicts a golden sun hand and a dark celestial moon hand, in a continual state of light and dark, balanced energies. Each order is for 1 cloth.

As Above, So Below Altar Cloth

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Please allow a possible extra 2-4 weeks on preordered items.
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